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What Types Of Property Investments Are Available?

Property investments can be a great source of income. If done correctly, it can provide you with a passive income for years to come. All property investments are not the same. There are several types of property investment that people can choose from. Different types of properties give different rates of return, and are available in different places. These facts make a difference to investors who want to diversify their portfolio.

House Flipping

  • You are making money on the "buy"

  • Access to cash or private financing is helpful (I can help with that!)

  • No need to qualify with traditional banks (flip properties generally don’t qualify anyway, and not refinancing)

  • Good for self-employed individuals (making money, but low T4)


  • Get it done RIGHT the first time. Use licensed contractors (don’t DIY)

  • Spend the money where it counts, don’t cheap out. (quartz counters, SS appliances, # of bedrooms and bathrooms, WOW features)

  • Finish it fully (mirrors included, light fixtures)

Rent To Own

  • You are essentially a ‘private lender’, the buyer picks the property

  • Potential buyer pays you rent and a portion goes towards mortgage

  • Good cash flow + lump sum when they cash out

  • Great starting point

  • Opportunity to invest in a future home

Student Rentals

  • Good cash flow

  • Higher than average maintenance

  • Location is important

Buy & Hold

  • Long term game and equity growth

  • Turn key multi-family investment

  • Very hands off

  • Minimal-neutral cash flow


  • Location location location

  • Your property must stand out from others- be unique and different

  • Must be fully equipped and stocked

  • Extra costs to consider: cleaning fees, higher than normal maintenance (to keep everything stocked and tidy)

  • Great source of cash flow


  • Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

  • Ability to make a passive income

  • Increase rental portfolio

  • Building equity during the reno process

  • Long term game (equity-focused)

  • Lower cash flow + Instant Equity (after refinance)

  • More involved/hands-on with renovations

I’m Here To Help You

Real estate is a huge industry, with lots of small and large companies. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Rachel Stempski is a professional realtor that can help you find the best place to live, sell your current home or find a new investment property that’s perfect for you.